99 minutes

2-6 players

from 1699 Kč

Longest escape game in Prague.

77 minutes

2-5 players

from 1599 Kč

1. úniková hra na světě ve spolupráci s whiskey Jack Daniels.

66 minutes

1-4 players

from 1299 Kč

Místnost s pohlcující atmosférou.


Escape game is a thematically focused room system, where you can test your logical abilities, creativity, team cooperation, communication and stress resistance. Once you are inside it, in a team of 2 to 6 players, you are trying to solve ciphers, puzzles, unlock doors and work out answers for questions that seem to be insoluble. Over all, you are pushed for time. You have got only 99 minutes to open the last lock or door and get you and your team out of the room.


On the base of our own experience with escape games, we create games that pull you into a different reality; you forget about your everyday problems and become the story characters. If you have ever dreamt of becoming an action movie hero, your dream can come true. In our story you can be a police officer. Our story starts with a scene of a crime and it is just up to you if you manage to reveal a malicious villain (baddy).


The Padlock and his Mission #53 is the longest escape game in Prague – 99 minutes!

You will find yourselves in a place which is worked-out with the least details to pull you fully into the story. The game will guide you throughout the story that flows logically and you play the main role in it.

At the end of the game, you will leave smiling and with an unforgettable experience!!!