THE STORY - Mission #‎53

“I am the Bob, who arrested plenty of rascals. I can remember the time when I spied on thieves in Prague’s Žižkov. The place was rotten – thefts, muggings, murders in the daylight. There were spots, where was better not to go, but I loved the job and the place. That year I worked as a lieutenant in the police district. These were the days. My memory is not any good anymore and a lot of cases are blurred, but I can still remember clearly this one……

It was one of the first spring days. Girls started to wear short skirts and jumpers. That evening we almost finished our shift. There were some rookies with me in the station and I was looking forward to have a shot with them in a local pub. This idea was stopped by a ringing phone. I answered – it was from the head office, they spoke about a horrible murder in a park. Having no other choice, I took the rookies to their first case meanwhile I could have a few glasses.”



SUCCESS - 53 %

BEST TIME - 44:43 min

MASS EXITUS - 44:43 min


In one of Žižkov’s locations is a forgotten graveyard, own by a family. Family of Mr Böhm. Mr Böhm was not born as a rich person, all his wealth was earned throughout his life. However, no-one knows how or where he got it. As a young guy he went abroad for studies, and returned as a completely different person. He had power, wealth and an incredible charisma. Throughout his life he had many women, but despite his charisma, neither one of them stayed by him. At the end he died alone and without children, and this is why Žižkov’s graveyard is a place of an eternal rest for him and his family. No-one knows what happened with the money, no-one knows whether he has any relatives and most probably people long forgotten him.

My grandfather always made fun out of me and in the evenings told me tales about Mr Böhm and his life. Some were amusing, and after some, one would be afraid to sleep. His wealth was not of any kind, some say Böhm must have even tricked the death itself, but who knows how it was back then. It is known for definite, that he has not gone to oblivion. Many indications points out, his wealth is   hidden and the way to find it begins at the graveyard of Böhm’s family.




BEST TIME - 32:23 min

TWO BEARS LIFE - 32:23 min